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El Mirage - 2022 flyer COLOR.jpg
2022 Safety Seminar for SCTA at EL Mirage
Saturday, November 12th, 2022
Where: El Mirage Dry Lake, west end, around the SCTA Inspection Trailer/Tarp Area if weather is good, If wind and weather are not cooperating, group will move to inside the SCTA building 

The Stand 21 Safety Foundation is returning to El Mirage! The pandemic has keep us from making our annual visit to the SCTA’s final event of the season at the iconic dry lake located in San Bernardino county, but now we are back.

We miss seeing the folks we know, both SCTA officials and competitors, and seeing their truly unique cars and motorcycles. And we welcome the opportunity to once again share what’s new in driver safety, in that relaxed setting.

Says the Foundation’s President Yves Morizot: “I went to Bonneville early in the year, but the rains and cancellation kept me from seeing everyone. I will make up for it at El Mirage!”

If you haven’t experienced a dry lake speed event, we suggest this one as a fun outing and a step back in time, that’s convenient to the LA area. See the creativity that has its roots at the beginning of the hot rod movement, and stick around for our seminar!

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