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1. Watch Our Videos

This is the easiest way to get involved with our mission and cause.  Not everyone will have the opportunity to attend our various seminars around the United States.  Fortunately, we have pre-recorded these informational events and have created a series of videos to share with racers, their families, friends, and industry professionals.  We will continue to create new and relevant content from these events, so please continue checking back, or SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel for updates.

2. Attend Our Seminars

If you do have the opportunity to see one of our free safety seminars in person, we would be happy to invite you and any of your racing friends or family to join us.  These videos are a great asset and tool, but hearing the information direct from the experts can be extremely impactful and long-lasting....

3. Help Us Spread the Information

Although Stand 21 Racewear founder Yves Morizot founded the Racing Goes Safer Foundation, the information and seminars are unbiased towards Stand 21 products.  The speakers and board members are independent professionals who bring their own research and expertise to the discussions.  Problems affecting racers around the world are outlined, with solutions and methods of prevention explained.  YOU CAN HELP by sharing what you've learned! The power of information is undeniable and with your help, we can share the information you've learned in our seminars with those who need it!  Stand 21, like all safety companies, want racing to continue to grow.  The best way to ensure this happens is by sharing the knowledge of the doctors, professors, and other racing safety experts! 





4. Become a Member & Stay Connected

ITS FREE! We invite you to register and become a Racing Goes Safer Member. In doing so you will be provided information pertaining to future seminars and newly released videos. Your information will be kept confidential and only used to keep you abreast of the latest news related to the Racing Goes Safer Foundation.

Our members will receive the latest motorsport safety updates regarding new standards and data, as well as news about new safety findings. Most importantly, you can submit safety questions or concerns and receive feedback from our safety experts!

5. Help Promote Racing Goes Safer

You can help promote the foundation in more ways than just telling other racers.  You can display your support of our mission by putting decals on your racecar.  For those who donate $25, you will become an executive member of the Racing Goes Safer foundation, helping support future seminars and videos.  We will mail you decals for your racecars to show your support.  If you are unable to donate, you have the option on your membership registration to request decals regardless.

6. Donate

We will never use any information you provide to solicit donations from you.  As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization however; we accept any generous donations our supporters choose to send.  All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law and help to support our mission of spreading safety knowledge and awareness.  Our hope is, one day we can host seminars around the United States, specifically tailored towards all forms of motorsport.  We THANK YOU in helping us to make this dream a reality!

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7. Let us know where we should go next..

If you have a local racing group, series or organization interested in hosting a safety seminar, please get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities of Racing Goes Safer coming to a track near you!

Please contact: DTaylor@RacingGoesSafer.Org

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