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In collaboration with medical and scientific bodies, as well as with universities and major racing series’ entities, we aim to bring awareness to EV Racing safety issues, and offer solutions to the forefront of the motor racing world.


If you have a question we would like to help! Racing Goes Safer is proud to partner with Eric Huhn, UNC Charlotte's facility and laboratory engineer, to find answers to your EV Racing questions. 

“We are proud to take a lead in addressing new challenges in racing safety as they come up, EV Safety being the latest, and educating the racing industry about them.”

-Yves Morizot, President of the Stand 21 Safety Foundation


Eric Huhn is UNC Charlotte’s facility and laboratory safety engineer, and a trackside firefighter at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Eric is well versed in EV Racing issues and the fires that often accompany them. 

Do you have an Electric Vehicle safety question? Eric will help you find the answer!

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Thanks for submitting your question!

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