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2019 SCTA Safety Seminar at El Mirage BW
SCTA Safety Meeting at El Mirage
El Mirage Dry Lake, El Mirage, CA
November 9th, 2019
5:00 PM - 16:00 PM
SCTA Tech Trailer

The Stand 21 Driver Safety Foundation, “Racing Goes Safer”, in collaboration with the Southern California Timing Association, made a presentation to the drivers, crews and families of the club’s members about the risks of injuries or death caused by accidental fire onboard their racing cars. 

This yearly seminar is now a regular event at the SCTA year’s end meet at El Mirage. The presentation was made by Foundation Director, Don Taylor, with assistance from the Foundation’s President Yves Morizot to a sizable attendance.


Racing Goes Safer Founder Yves Morizot gives the opening addresses at the 2019 SCTA Safety Meeting at El Mirage

Don Taylor explained the protection offered by multiple layers of fire resistant fabric, insisting on the dangerous mistake by many racers, using polyester/cotton-mix tee shirts and underwear, or Nylon brassieres with metal rings by ladies under their racing suits. Don used a heat lamp to demonstrate the heat transferability of multiple fabric layers, then with the help of Ms. Crone, a talented young racer with already a long record of race wins, demonstrated that a heat source applied to a cotton/polyester mix tee shirt  actually melted the garment. One can imagine the results of such a garment over naked skin.

Racer Recommendations: Only wear proper fire retardant long undergarments under any racing suit,

regardless of its number of layers. 

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