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Letters from a First Responder

We recently received this letter from an EMS First Responder at a track in Pennsylvania. She is not getting a lot of support at her local track for going beyond what they have always done safety-wise, but that’s not slowing her down. This is where the Racing Goes Safer Foundation can help. This is why we do what we do.

"I want to thank you for the phone conversation we had regarding my extrication technique using rescue webbing to extricate a driver from an open winged or roof removed race car. 

I gained ALOT of knowledge and ideas for safety at the local dirt track through the website and videos on Racing Goes Safer.  I learned many things from the video that Joe Powell spoke about safety crews after a crash happens.  Some of the things I learned or learned this time and actually retained through his video:

-What to look for when I witness a crash and also what to look for on scene when it is unwitnessed. 

-Everybody wants out but it's not always good for the driver to self extricate. 

-Things to look for during scene safety and size up. 

-Things to be able to note in a safety report or Patient Care Report like if there is damage to the wall also the type of wall or barrier material.

The things listed above and the other things from the Joe Powell video that I did not mention will make me a better EMS provider in motorsports from my patient care report writing to scene safety, personnel safety and overall driver safety.  I even learned things from the SCORE International trophy truck videos that I watched. It gave me an idea to implement a way to keep medical information with the driver by using a wrist band. 

I also watched the symposium video where Tony Stewart talks about his broken leg at the Sprint Car Track in Iowa. He is a big name in racing in general but he is a big name in Sprint Cars. In the video he talks about how the "tractor tires" that are placed along the edge of the track are a safety hazard. It also brings a realization that if something like that can happen to Tony Stewart, it can happen to anyone type mentality. 

I went to two local shows where I was hoping to see something regarding safety. There was nothing in aspects of safety personnel to network with or seminars. There were many different booths at both events in regard to safety products for driver and race car. The Race Car and Motorsports show in Philly was huge compared to Racing Xtravaganza in York, PA but both offer a different group of people. 

I am hoping I can attend the 2019 PRI Show in Indianapolis. It would be an awesome opportunity to attend a Race Show that has safety seminars and be able to network with other safety personnel. I appreciate everything and hope to keep in touch and network." 

- Pennsylvania First Responder

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