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The Stand 21 safety foundation, “Racing Goes Safer!” is a non-profit organization with a primary purpose of promoting enhanced motor racing safety. It aims to achieve this goal in collaboration with medical and scientific bodies, as well as with major racing series’ entities (FIA, SFI, NHRA, SCTA, SCCA, SCORE…) in order to bring awareness of safety issues, and offer solutions to the forefront of the motor racing world.


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Friday, December 8 • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Location: Meeting Room 206

Racing Goes Safer is bringing the topic of EV Safety to the 2013 PRI SHOW! After rave reviews from our seminars in Long Beach and Charlotte, 

the Foundation’s seminar on Friday, December 8th will focus on the increasingly important issue of EV battery fire safety, alongside traditional gasoline fire safety. Presenters: Eric Huhn, track fireman and lab safety director at UNC Charlotte, and sportsman Corvette racer Mark Petronis.

Jim Downing, co-inventor of the legendary HANS Device, will talk about the long road to getting universal acceptance of the life-saving product. Sharing the stage will also be NHRA Champion Larry Dixon, and safety director Marco Petrilli who will bring us up to date on the latest in safety thinking at the FIA.

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A Lifetime of Achievement

Dr. Terry Trammell and Jim Downing Receive Stand 21 Safety Foundation Award

In honor of their contribution to saving countless drivers’ lives and careers through the years, and taking motorsports safety to a new level
for all racers.

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EVR Safe: Electric Vehicle 
Racing Safety Conference

OCTOBER 18, 2023

Since the late 1800s, where there have been cars, there have been people wanting to race cars. More than a century later, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly commonplace on our streets. Naturally, electric vehicle racing is following close behind. Many advancements in motorsports safety have come about from lessons learned over the years. And most recently, we have seen the safety issues associated with electric vehicles on the streets. Today the motorsports industry is in a perfect position to prepare for those issues on track!

Racing Goes Safer is proud to have partnered with the North Carolina Battery Complexity, Autonomous Vehicle and Electrification Research Center (BATT CAVE) at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to bring you the next installation of our Electric Vehicle Safety Series! Read the full seminar recap. If you were able to attend please leave us a review!


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In an effort to bring more awareness to EV Racing safety issues, we are proud to partner with Eric Huhn to help provide answers to your EV questions. Eric is UNC Charlotte’s facility and laboratory Safety Director, and a trackside firefighter at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Eric is well versed in EV Racing safety issues, and the fires that often accompany them. 

Do you have an EV Racing safety question? Eric will help you find the answer! 

Race Tracks


 Where would you like to see us?

The Racing Goes Safer Foundation has been focusing on reaching more racers with our life saving safety message.


Would your car club or local track benefit from a RGS Safety Seminar? Let us know where you would like to see Racing Goes Safer Safety Seminars in the future. 


The Racing Goes Safer Foundation hosts several free seminars each year for racers in all forms of motorsport.  

These seminars are paid for in large part, by Yves Morizot, founder and President of Stand 21 Racewear. The education and mission of the foundation wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the contributions from racers and people like you who are just as passionate about increasing motorsport safety for all...

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