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"Performance Thinking: Lessons From the High-Performance World That Are Relevant to Dealing With Today's Covid-19 Pandemic"

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Monday, May 18, 2020
9:00 AM PST
12:00 NOON EST
4:00 PM GMT
6:00 PM CET

After the success of our first RGS Webinar with Dr. Jacques Dallaire of Performance Prime, we want to personally invite you to join us again for a follow-up discussion. Dr. Dallaire has agreed to personally answer YOUR questions in a special Webinar Monday, May 18th, 12noon EST.

May 11 Performance Prime Webinar

Dr. Jacques Dallaire Jacques is an internationally recognized mental skills/performance coach and longtime board member of the Stand21 safety foundation.

​His May 11 Performance Thinking Webinar not only offers proven insights into maximizing your personal performance in everything that you do, but it also provides valuable information that will help you to reduce the level of anxiety that you (and your loved ones) may be feeling in these turbulent times. 

A special message from Yves Morizot, President of S21 Safety Foundation

about the "Performance Thinking" Webinar

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