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SCTA Safety Meeting at El  Mirage
Saturday November 12, 2016
SCTA Tech Trailer
El Mirage Dry Lake, CA

The beautiful cars racing at the El Mirage Dry Lake in many cases are decades old, dating back to the early days of hot rodding, but their owners’ concern about safety is completely up to date.  On November 12th, the Stand 21 Safety Foundation was invited to give a driver safety seminar by the SCTA (Southern California Timing Association) at their final 2016 event.

Foundation Director Don Taylor, and Founder, Yves Morizot presented to the forty plus drivers gathered around for the late afternoon session.  The SCTA’s on-going safety seminar series has been organized by their event manager, Werner Schwarz, whose ‘day job' is as scientist at Pasadena’s NASA/JPL, Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


Of great interest to the audience were the topics of Brain Concussion, avoiding Heat Stress, and the dangers of wearing synthetic clothing underneath one’s driving suit (it can melt into your skin!).


Yves and the Foundation’s contribution was later recognized at the evening’s 200 MPH Club’s banquet.  Coming all the way from France, Yves also had the honor of traveling the furtherest distance to the event.


We thank the SCTA for giving us the opportunity to talk to their drivers about safety, see their unique cars, and visit with some old friends.

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