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Racing Goes Safer Driver Safety Foundation Presentation at the Vintage Motorsport Association's Annual Meeting
Corona, California
Sunday, November 4th, 2018

The Stand 21 Safety Foundation and its mission of educating racers on personal safety were introduced by its President, Yves Morizot and its Director, Don Taylor, to over two dozen representatives of vintage auto racing clubs from around the country, gathered for their national association’s annual meeting, held this year in Corona, California on November 4, 2018.

The Vintage Auto Racing Association of California had organized this year’s program for the Vintage Motorsport Association which was, hosted by vintage racer and car collector Tom Malloy in his beautiful auto racing museum. 

Subjects addressed included the need for vintage auto racing groups to each focus on educating their members on the risks they take when wearing inadequate protection while engaging in their hobby. This introductory meeting will hopefully be followed by future Racing Goes Safer safety seminars for the various vintage racing organizations to benefit their drivers, who are , often woefully unaware of the danger presented by lack of proper equipment.


SFI Manager Mike Hurst with Yves Morizot, Owner/Founder Stand 21 Racewear


Stand 21 Racewear North America Manager Edgar Hernandez and Racing Goes Safer Foundation Director, Don Taylor

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