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FIA‘s XIX Congreso Americano Movilidad Y Deporte-Canada
August 1-3, 2017
Toronto, Canada

Stand 21 was invited to make a presentation about its safety product contributions and its Safety Foundation activities, during the FIA‘s XIX Congreso Americano Movilidad Y Deporte-Canada, which took place in Toronto over August 1-3, 2017.  The audience was a gathering of seventy delegates from FIA member countries, referred to as ASNs, in North and South America region.


FIA President Jean Todt opened the three-day affair, with an overview of the FIA’s activities to help develop motorsports in the attendees’ countries, with guidance on using its technical and sporting rules to conduct safe motorsports events.


The FIA also has an objective of improving safety on public roads, under its Mobility Initiative.  The plan includes using FIA’s Formula 1 driver stars to offer driving tips in public service campaign.

Before introducing Don Taylor, Stand 21 Safety Foundation Director, FIA product approval manager Nuno Costa showed an attention-getting video of a recent fire safety test a in which a stunt driver is set on fire in a Stand 21 driver suit. It can be seen at: 


Mr. Taylor talked about Stand 21 driver safety innovations such as the Lid-Lifter, a safe helmet-removal balaclava, and the development of knitted, breathable driver suits to address the growing Heat Stress issue.  Stand 21 works closely with the FIA on new product development and approval.


He then went on to explain the purpose of the Foundation, which is to provide safety information, face to face, by motorsports safety experts, in a seminar format, which was reinforced by a display of equipment test specimens in the lobby.


Says Stand 21 President, Yves Morizot, “We are happy to address the delegate attendees, who can carry back our offer to hold safety seminars in each of their respective countries.  Our work is to make motorsports safer for all”.    

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